About SAS


People that live the standards which they are learning through personal development and principles. Living the principles of  presence and persistence. In making the choice to join this team you are volunteering yourself to continual growth along side of men and women who are committed to being ladies and gentlemen of high integrity around the globe.

It is our goal to always be under emotional control and to do the very best we can. It is also our goal to always do the right thing for every situation. And we will always show that we genuinely care about the whole in all that we do.

Why Serve with SAS


Serving on SAS is a unique experience and gives you an opportunity to serve others, while working to make improvements in your own life. Before each event you serve at, you are challenged to seek one significant “outcome” you would like to get from being at the event. You and your fellow teammates will have the opportunity to support, coach and challenge you; with the end result of having a major breakthrough or improvement within your own life.

Member Experiences and Quotes

So infinitely grateful for this group and thanks for this outstanding refresher on the importance of having empowering triads built and conditioned on a regular basis.”

Bianca V.

“What if you BELIEVE, without a shadow of a doubt, that by priming and other daily habits you will achieve your goals and become the person you always know you were; the best version of yourself… would you consider doing these things consistently?

Or will you COMMIT to do it, WITHOUT any bit of HESITATION, because you are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that by doing it you will ACHIEVE things beyond your WILDEST DREAMS?”

Mario P.