In today’s call, our Brother John Brooks brought us up to speed on the focus from our (primary) Program, the UPW manual. This week, we are focusing on sharing our answers to the break-down questions to “Find your Passion”: What do you love? What do you hate? What are you passionate about?

We all seem to be incredibly passionate about growth, connection, love, service… Let us share with each other our additional “buttons” and “levers” that fuel our passions.

Eg. Arelis is incredibly passionate about directing her focus towards how life is happening for her, not to her; sharing that energy with the people around her and stepping up when opportunity and adventure arise. Thanks for the great share today, Arelis.

Thanks you for everyone else who joined us today and all they shared on the call about themselves, their experiences and the opportunities that connect us to EST, The Environment of live events with The Chairman and the unique elements of their lives. Look forward to continuing our regularly scheduled call next Saturday at the same time!!